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Magazines Received December 06, 2021

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arts & letters fall 2021 Arts & Letters

Issue 43, Fall 2021
The Arts & Letters Fall Issue is now available for purchase! This issue features our annual prize winners, as well as fiction by E. A. Bagby, Emma Wunsch, and Brett Armes; flash fiction by Dog Cavanaugh and Andrew Kane; poetry by Michael Waters, Joshua Garcia, Anne Barngrover, Nicholas Samaras, Yerra Sugarman, Elisabeth Murawski, Arthur Vogelsang, and Kay Cosgrove; and creative nonfiction by Sonja Livingston and Kevin Callaway. Learn more...


arts & letters fall 2021 Colorado Review

Volume 48 Number 3, Fall/Winter 2021
This issue fatures work by Janice N. Harrington, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Cindy Juyoung Ok, Danny Thiemann, and Zack Finch. Additional fiction by Siân Griffiths, Anu Kandikuppa, and Brendan Williams-Childs; nonfiction by Lauren Haldeman and Megan Baxter; and poetry by Diana Khoi Nguyen, Stella Wong, April Freely, Phillip West, Joshua Bennett, Bryce Emley, Chee Brossy, Ellen Samuels, Stacy Gnall, Dorothy Chan, Lisa Low, Patrick Kindig, Serena Alagappan, Yesenia Montilla, Anthony Cody, J. P. Grasser, Leila Chatti, Jordan Escobar, Steven Espada Dawson, Janice N. Harrington, Emma Aylor, and J. David. Learn more...


cutleaf december 2021 Cutleaf

Issue 22, December 2021 online
In this issue, Barrett Bowlin chronicles the pain of parenthood through a child’s “Milk Teeth.” Julia Halprin Jackson writes about the relationships we have with our bodies, and the decisions that our cells sometimes make without us in “Scouting.” And Elijah Burrell merges his love and knowledge of music with the mysterious longings of friendship in three poems beginning with “Even the Best Records Have Gaps Between the Tracks.” The images in this issue are a selection of woodcuts from an 1882 book compiling facsimiles of 18th-century chapbooks. Learn more...


the lake december 2021 The Lake

December 2021 online
The December issue is now online featuring Dan Brook, Gavan Duffy, Edilson A. Ferreira, Nels Hanson, Amy Holman, Tom Kelly, Deborah Kennedy, Charles Rammelkamp, Michael Salcman, Kerrin P. Sharpe, Andrew Sheilds, J. R. Solonche, Marjory Woodfield. Reviews of Michael Salcman’s Shades and Graces and Judith Wilson’s Fleet. One Poem Reviews: Clive Donovan, Kenneth Pobo. Estil Pollock, Mark Totterdell.  Learn more...


plume december 2021 Plume

Number 124, December 2021 online
This month’s featured selection: “Jewish American Women Poets” by Sally Bliumis-Dunn featuring Jennifer Barber, Jessica Greenbaum, Judy Katz and Nomi Stone. In nonfiction: “All These Red and Yellow Things: Short Papers on Art by Lesle Lewis.” Jeri Theriault reviews Devon Walker-Figueroa’s Philomath. This month’s poets include Theresa Burns, Rainer Maria Rilke, Sydney Lea, Stephen Gibson, Ray Gonzalez, Kim Garcia, Daniel Tobin, and more. Learn more...


superstition review fall 2021 Superstition Review

Issue 28, Fall 2021 online
Issue 28 features art by Jeff Rivers. Interview Editor Anna Narin interviews Joyce Carol Oates. Fiction by Melissa Llanes Brownlee, nonfiction by Amanda Gaines, and poetry by Gleen Shaheen. Learn more...


woven tale press december 2021 The Woven Tale Press

Volume 9 Number 10, December 2021 online
What’s new this month? Found fabrics, feather textiles, calligraphic lines, resonate poems about donkeys, and more. Work by Elias Andreopoulos, G.D. Brown, Corrine Demas, Michal Gavish, Alia Georges, Deborah Kruger, Marianna Marlowe, Jacoub Reyes, Bette Ridgeway, Lia Rothstein, Catherine Eaton Skinner, and Michael Thurston. Learn more...




Number 46, 2021

Exploring the theme of "Moonlight" in this issue: Andrew Stancek, Howie Good, Emma Phillips Too, Alex Nodopaka, Kim Murdock, Carolyn R. Russell, Judy Darley, Mir Yashar Seyedbagheri, Marcy Dilworth, Linda Ann Sanchez, Enza Vynn-Cara, Jo Goren, Gay Degani, Adina Davis, Miriam Kotzin, Susan Holcomb, Alisa Golden, Frances Gapper, Tony Press, Brian Rohr, Sally Reno, and Dana Knott.

Free Inquiry

Volume 42 Number 1, December 2021/January 2022

Topical Poetry
Number 20, December 2021 online


Magazines Received November 29, 2021

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alaska quarterly review summer fall 2021 Alaska Quarterly Review

Volume 38 Numbers 1&2, Summer & Fall 2021
In this issue, find the novella “Like a Bomb Went Off” by Kristopher Jansma. Stories by Mackenzie McGee, Nathan Curtis Roberts, Jonathan Starke, Ada Zhang, Matt Greene, Heather Monley, and Laurie Baker. Essays by Jehanne Dubrow, Dawn Davies, Jane McCafferty, Alex Chertok, Kirsten Reneau, Jai Dulani, and Sara Eliza Johnson. One long poem by Bruce Bond, and other poems by Felicia Zamora, Lara Egger, Gary Fincke, Peggy Shumaker, Marie Tozier, Anne Coray, Didi Jackson, Charles Rafferty, Sasha Stiles, Dorianne Laux, and more. Learn more...


baltimore review fall 2021 Baltimore Review

Fall 2021 online
New poetry by Iqra Khan, Gerry LaFemina, Caroline Pittman, Dannye Romine Powell, Emily Franklin, Merna Dyer Skinner, John Glowney, and Janet Jennings; fiction by J.T. Robertson, Madison Jozefiak, Nicholas Maistros, and Justine Chan; and creative nonfiction by Brandon Hansen, Morgan Florsheim, and Kerry Folan.  Learn more...


the common fall 2021 The Common

Issue 22, Fall 2021
A special portfolio of writing from the Arabian Gulf countries, fiction from a farm in Ireland, a retirement community in India, and the Basque Country in the 1960s, essays about Easter Island, living in Greece, and exploring the Southern Ocean, and poems by Tom Sleigh, Stephanie Dinsae, Vernita Hall, and Colin Channer. Learn more...


hippocampus magazine november December 2021Hippocampus Magazine

November/December 2021 online
Let's take a peek inside our newest issue; inside, you'll find essays and flash CNF such as: "Up" by Michelle Bailat-Jones, "Seeing Bone" by Emma Bruce, "Teeth" by Gavin Paul Colton, "How to Preserve a Body" by Lauren Cross, "What I Took After She Died in the Memory Care Wing" by Irene Fick, "Rewind" by Jennifer Fliss, "German Lessons" by Sue Mell, "Room for Troubled Dogs" by Alison Miller, "The Gradual Extinction of Softness" by Chantha Nguon with Kim Green, "Before the Horses Stopped Running" by Rebecca Snow, and "Lên Nước" by Agnes Tran. Learn more...


jewish fiction .netJewish Fiction .net

Issue 29, November 2021 online
We’re excited to announce our beautiful new Chanukah issue! Here you’ll find 12 splendid stories, originally written in Yiddish, Hebrew, and English, and in honour of the upcoming holiday, one of them is a Chanukah story: “Rock of Ages.” Enjoy our new issue and, to those who celebrate, Happy Chanukah (and Happy Thanksgiving)! Learn more...


rattle winter 2021 Rattle

Number 74, Winter 2021
The Winter 2021 issue features our 11 Rattle Poetry Prize winners. The open section features the usual wide-ranging poems with humor and heart. These poems cover love, evolution, Robin Hood, and the DMV. The conversation section takes an unusual turn, where psychologist James Pennebaker discusses his lifetime of research on the benefits of expressive writing. Decades ago, Pennebaker discovered that writing about traumatic experiences yields strong and measurable health benefits. His more recent research has explores the way our unconscious use of function words can reveal our psychological secrets. Though not a poet, both of these topics are very much related to contemporary poetry. Learn more...


Arc Poetry Magazine

Fall 2021



Magazines Received November 22, 2021

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agni volume 94 AGNI

Volume 94, 2021
Featured art by Harald Gaski and Máret Ánne Sara. Essays by Melissa Chadburn, Ananda Devi, MOncia Judge, Worapoj Panpong, George Sand, Jennifer Kwon Dobbs & Shuchi Saraswat, and Isaac Yuen; fiction by Cristina Rivera Garza, Diaa Jubaili, Tasnim Qutait, Barbara Sutton, Che Yeun,and others; and poetry by Hussain Ahmed, Qimanqul Awut, Amy Beeder, Aase Berg, Tanella Boni, Kai Carlson-Wee, Marianne Chan, Huang Fan, Zach Goldberg, K. Henderson, Shuri Kido, Colin Pope, Tomaž Šalamun, Bruce Smith, William Wenthe, Yi Won, and many more.  Learn more...


memoir magazine Memoir Magazine

November 2021 online
Published recently at Memoir Magazine is work by Stephen Palgon, Hilarie Pozesky, Natalie Coufal, Nick R. Robinson, Charlotte Wilkins, Heidi Morrell, D.M. Henning, Sylvie Beauvais, Jen Waldron, Jacqueline Regan, Diane de Anda, Spencer Soule, Sharmila Voorakkara, Emma Rose, and more. Learn more...


nimrod fall winter 2021 Nimrod International Journal

Volume 65 Number 1, Fall/Winter 2021
In the “Awards” issue: fiction by Paula Closson Buck, Jennifer Blackman, Teresa Milbrodt, and more; poetry by Emily Rose ole, Francesca Bell, Angela Sucich, Kate Kingston, Adrie Rose, Jessica Pierce, Carolyn Oliver, Zack Lesmeister, Liz Marlow, Mara Adamitz Scrupe, Laura Apol, Connor Yeck, Christina Hutchins, Amy Miller, Caroline Earleywine, Gail Gudd Entrekin, Cynthia White, Dan Albergotti, Harley Anastasia Chapman, Kyoko Uchida, John Blair, and lots more. Learn more...


weber fall 2021 Weber

Volume 38 Number 1, Fall 2021
The Fall 2021 issue of Weber features a Bernard DeVoto Subfocus which includes an interview with Mark DeVoto, as well as work by Mark Harvey, Nate Schweber, David Rich Lewis, Russell Burrows, and Val Holley. Also in this issue: poetry by Christian Woodard, Eric Paul Shaffer, Stephen Lefebure, Taylor Graham, Joseph Powell, Angelica Alain, and more; essays by Adam M. Sowards and Ralph Hardy; and fiction by Scott Pedersen, Joe Farley, Joseph Bathanti, and Connie Wieneke. Learn more...


Aji Magazine

Issue 15, Fall 2021
In this issue, find work by Joyce Goldenstern, Andrew Gudgel, Dennis Vannatta, Michael Hettich, J.I. Kleinberg, Mary Beth Hines, Mario Loprete, Joel Glickman, Sharon Tracey, Alan Bern, David Kern, Cathy Porter, Bruce McRae, Silas Plum, Fabio Sassi, Andrew Miller, Ellen Roberts Young, Kristy Weber-Gonzalez, Jimmy Pappas, Linda Logan, Jim Zola, Vernell Williamson, and more.


Issue 12, Autumn 2021



Magazines Received November 15, 2021

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carve fall 2021 Carve Magazine

Fall 2021
This issue features the winners of the 2021 Raymond Carver Short Story Contest. Short stories by and interviews with Morgan Green, Chris Blexrud, Mariah Rigg, Haley Hach, and Nina Elli. New poetry by Medeia Starfire, Emily Bludworth de Barrios, Anne Pedone, and Nick Martino. New nonfiction by Simona Blat and Raymond Wlodkowski. Additional features include Decline/Accept with “Stray Dandelions” by Mehdi M. Kashani, an interview with One to Watch Gabriela Garcia by Sejal H. Patel, and illustrations by Justin Burks. Learn more...


cutleaf issue 21 Cutleaf

Issue 21, November 2021 online
In this issue, Matt Prater celebrates the music of escape in three poems beginning with “The Slow Work of Unlearning.” Robert Sachs recounts the story of a boy named Evelyn who knew how to make the dogs howl in “A Delicious Silence.” And Jay Hodges reveals the intimate world of caring for someone with severe memory loss in a series of linked essays beginning with “Our Own Country.” The images in this issue are from Lajos Tihanyi, a self-taught artist who combined the fragmentation of Analytical Cubism and the psychological intensity of Expressionism in his portraits. Learn more...


hole in the head review november 2021 Hole in the Head Review

Volume 2 Issue 4, November 2021 online
In the latest issue, find work by RC deWinter, Florence Murry, Lawrence Bridges, Barbara Daniels, Michele Parker Randall, Bryan Price, Dave Sims, Yvonne Morris, Avery Gregurich, Adele Evershed, James Butcher, William Welch, Mark McKain, Pamela Sumners, J. E. O’Leary, Bill Hollands, Ronald Walker, Sarah Sarai, Tilly Woodward, Sarah Katz, Cecil Morris, Jessica Heron, Alan Bern, Keith Nunes, Serge Lecomte.  Learn more...


kenyon review november december 2021 Kenyon Review

November/December 2021
The Nov/Dec 2021 issue of the Kenyon Review features the winners of our 2021 Short Nonfiction Contest: Brigitte Leschhorn Arrocha, Christian Butterfield, and dm armstrong; stories by Bennett Sims, Morgan Thomas, Robert Travieso, and Hananah Zaheer; an essay by Paula C. Brancato; a short play by Kemuel DeMoville; and poems by O-Jeremiah Agbaakin, Kai Carlson-Wee, Lindsay Stuart Hill, Richie Hofmann, Dayna Patterson, Colin Pope, and Arthur Sze. Learn more...


new orleans review fall 2021 New Orleans Review

Issue 47, Fall 2021 online
The prose and poetry in this issue helped out editorial team find beauty and peace both through the pandemic and through Hurricane Ida. We hope you love them as deeply as we do. Fiction by Nicole VanderLinden, Mike Itaya, Heather Monley, Banzelman Guret, and Lucy Zhang; poetry by Ashley Crout, Jacob Griffin Hall, Amanda Gaines, Maari Carter, Maegan Gonzales, Bernardo Wade, Athena Nassar, Joanna Fuhrman, and Elizabeth Bergstrom; and nonfiction by Dan Leach and Sofía Aguilar. Plus interviews with Becky Albertalli by Cat Ashley, Kia Corthron by Gabriela Barre, and Alex Marzano-Lesnevich by Hayden Williams. Learn more...


raleigh review fall 2021 Raleigh Review

Volume 11 Number 2, Fall 2021
New fiction by Whitney Collins, Ryan Napier, Barbara Barrow, Sarah Schiff, and Shannon L. Bowring. Poetry by Anna Tomlinson, Betsy Johnson, Mary Ann Samyn, Hannah Dela Cruz Abrams, Lauren Green, Tianru Wang, Michael Dhyne, Aimee Seu, Ashley Sojin Kim, Dorianne Laux, Miguel Martin Perez, Chris Ketchum, Cheyenne Taylor, Isabelle Shepherd, Samuel Cheney, Riley Ratcliff, and Emma Aylor. Plus, art by David Gilman, Zwanda Cook, Annie Bates-Winship, Peter Kent, Sandra Ducoff Garber, Susan Gefvert, Toby Tover, and Ken Garber. Learn more...


wildness november 2021 wildness

Number 28, November 2021 online
Featuring some wonderful poetry, fiction, and narrative non-fiction from: Geoff Anderson, Shuang Ang, Claudia Delfina Cardona, Aaron Caycedo-Kimura, Stephanie Chang, Bryce Emley, Miguel Barretto García, Janalyn Guo, Bill Hollands, Ricardo Frasso Jaramillo, Karishma Jobanputra, Ravi Mangla, Shannan Mann, Sham-e-Ali Nayeem, Robert Okaji, D. A. Powell, Monica Prince, and AM Ringwalt. Learn more...



Issue 245, 2021
The 80-page bumper Pop edition showcases all winners and commended entrants to our Annual Ambit Competitions which all took the theme of Metamorphosis. Laurie Ogden, Sarah Gibbons, E Walker, Georgina Parfitt, Luke Jackson aka Sites of Horror, Edward Hofman, Lucy Gray, Yeshé Thapa Magar, Nina Carter, and more.

Off the Coast

Winter 2021 online



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